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Meal service and moving


For 15 years of serving Poway Chef Rosie has created meals many times to folks on the move.  Real estate agents often give Rosie's meal as a gift to their clients.  We have all been there, the truck comes with all our stuff in boxes and we can't even find the box marked K.  let alone figure out with one holds the pots and pans, dishes etc.  Well before you call for that pizza,  shouldn't the first night's dinner be special?    What about a filet mignon dinner with your favorite sauce, potatoes and veggie.  Turn on the oven to 325 degree and enjoy a great meal in your moving clothes.    

Moving to a new home


Moving can be so stressful,  and exhausting.  Think of Chef Rosie and Bent On Cooking and make life simple,  We have helped lots of folks get healthy and happy with one less thing on the to-do list Best of all you don't need any excuse to order today from our extensive menu  and enjoy family meal again.  You can pick-up or have delivered just the amount of meals you need, packaged in recyclable containers.  Containers can be microwaved or re-heated in the oven at 325 degrees.  Quick and easy dinner is served. 


San Diego's Finest Personal Chef Cooking Classes


 Chef Rosie's cooking classes are entertaining and tasty.   This month she will be featured at Mission Valley Oasis Senior Learning Center.   Class starts at 1:15pm AUG 7, on the 3rd Floor of Macy's Mission Valley, and walk-ins are always welcome.  Bent On Cooking's Cooking Classes at Oasis are only $10, includes a tasting and copies of the recipes.  If you would like Chef Rosie to teach at your venue, call today call today and schedule a great time.   Check out Oasis San Diego other offering,  a great place to meet and learn.

Rosie's class features rotisserie chicken,  yup the one you buy at the market.  This quick meal can create a wonderful array of meal choices.  Chef Rosie will be cooking up Chicken with Puttanesca Sauce, Tarragon Chicken, and Herbed Grilled Veggeis and Chicken.  3 masterpiece recipes to make for family and friends, and they will think you worked all day.   Rotisserie Chicken is a versatile marvel,  for little investment you can stretch your food dollar and create many flavors and textures.  When it's almost gone,  make a stock and freeze for any sauce.  

Personal Chef Party, happy hostess



A Del Mar client planned a party, thought she had plenty of time to cook the meal herself.  With only a few days until the guests arrive, she found no time to cook.  She gave Chef Rosie a call, and we delivered the food the day before the event.  She will simply heat it up and serve with her homemade goodies for a complete meal.  Parties made easy and affordable.  Del Mar is beautiful in the summer, and this event was an informal patio affair with friends.  We created a beautiful Salmon Salad ,  she will purchase some cookies for dessert and serve ice-tea and lemonade.  Easy and stress-free.

This client preferred to serve a simple buffet, and serve herself.  We at Bent On Cooking offer both service, food, and on-site personal chef service.  Personal Chef service gives the hostess options to have a dream party.  Whether your budget is small or large,  we can accommodate your event.  Hire us today and make entertaining fun again.   Give us a call 858-486-1451 or fill out the Catering questionaire today.  Chef Rosie will do the work, and you can be the "guest at your own party".

Make your life easy with meal service

Bent on Cooking Meal Service by Chef Rosie Bent of Poway, CA

Get your life back,  and delegate your meals.   We all have busy, hectic lives,  and Bent On Cooking is here to help.  Last week Chef Rosie cooked a client in Rancho Bernardo,  and the client said we were her "food fairy",  the meals just appear.  Her doctor put her on a special diet,  and she was over-whelmed by the restrictions.  Rosie has the experience to follow the doctor's diet plan, keep the flavor and make the client happy.  We love the challenge and know how important it is to the client's health.  As she gets better,  we adjust to the diet changes with no effort.  She is thrilled,  and the meal service is the perfect answer. 

 Services are an important part of our lives these days, and having a meal service works wonders to ease the stress.  Some clients love to cook,  others just don't.  For both a service that they can count on, makes their busy lives easy.  With evening meetings,  lunch at their desks, kids soccer games there is little time left to get a healthy meal on the table.    Delegating services are a way of life,  add meal service today and find value in having the extra time to enjoy. 

Delicious Weight loss Paleo Diet




Drop weight,  order Paleo meals from Bent On Cooking for 1 month, and feel great.  Chef Rosie has been testing recipes and her Paleo menu is full of wonderful meals the whole family will enjoy.   Check out Chef Rosie's delicious Paleo menu,  enjoy a delicious dairy and grain free meal tonight.

Paleo Nutrition is the healthiest way you can eat because it is the ONLY nutritional approach that works with your genetics to help you stay lean, strong and energetic!  it's built into human DNA, so it works for everyone. 

Research shows it's our modern diet, full of processed foods, chemicals, and preservatives, that is at the root of diseases like obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson's, depression and more.   All Paleo meals are prepared with whole foods, organic and grass fed.  It's rich in protein and dairy and grain free.  


Hiring a personal chef


 Hiring a personal chef can be a life saver.   Yesterday,  we at Bent On Cooking completed 24 meals for a Carmel Valley expectant mother.  She was thrilled to know that the families meals were in the refrigerator while she was busy with the new baby.   Her mom couldn't be there to help out,  and she had experienced our meal service during a recent move and she loved it.  With no contracts and only the meals she needed, it was perfect.   Her young son is on a special diet and our service is perfect,  her husband gets spicy and her son gets the gluten -free he needs.    She ordered the 24 meal plan,  some in the refrigerator for her busy radiologist husband and some are frozen for later. 

     Ordering meals for those challenging times, easy and convenient.   She ordered straight from the menu page, she found the perfect  meals that her family would enjoy.  Give Chef Rosie a call today 858-486-1451,  and experience care-free meal service.